Pat & Martha Exchange Books!

Dear Program Chair/ Guild/ Quilting Groups,

I’m happy to send you this copy of the latest brochure for my 2020 – 2021 workshops & Lectures.  Take a look at it, talk it over with your guild, and then as quickly as you can, get back to me with a date and topic.  My calendar for next year is already starting to fill up and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if your preferred date isn’t available.  Just a thought – if there are other Guilds in your area, why not invite them to join you for the fun as well as the expense?  I always enjoy sharing my antique quilts and tops with guilds, and they definitely love seeing them.  An often – ask question is – “Aren’t you afraid to check these treasures with your luggage at the airports?”  My answer never changes – NO – I would rather share them and face that possibility then have them stored away safely forever, never to be seen, touched, loved or enjoyed.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm Regards,

Pat Yamin

Come Quilt With Me

August 13th – Yarmouth Police Department