20/20 Election Day MYSTERY BOX


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A 20/20 Mystery product keeping with the spirit of election day

Of course we can’t tell you whats in the special box for $20.20…
The only thing that we can say is that there’s 4 items in the box and you’re going to love them all…Yes, all four.
So it doesn’t matter who WINS you get 4 items shipped to you to enjoy
After all its a MYSTERY PRODUCT BOX.  What quilter doesn’t like a MYSTERY?
What could the Mystery Items be?  Are you feeling lucky?  We only offer the Finest Quilt Products on the Market.  A mystery is always fun and spontaneous…Full of suspense
I might even throw in some cool items from right here in Brooklyn

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in