A Studio With Art

Over the past few months I’ve been working on the project of “organizing my studio + workspace”  This involves moving a ton of quilts, removing old drapes & installing a system of hangers for my small art prints.

As I mentioned in a previous page the walls are a paper-backed Ralph Lauren Shirting Fabric which I didn’t want to start making large holes in for hanging picture frames.


IMG_0053Easy to Slide Rail system makes it a pleasure to adjust side to side & vertically

I hung this antique red & white top higher than usual because I’m able to get multiple frames on one rod safely.   You can also use two rods to support maybe a wider/heavier frame.  Using this rod & track method helps keep your walls smooth & free of holes.  You know how much we change our minds? Why have it mess up a beautiful wall?


I wanted to get rid of the old drapes.  So I did.  I took a ride over to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase really nice replacements.  While you’re picking up replacement drapes also pick up new rods.  Cleans up the look + everything looks 100% nicer/fresher.

Do you have a special way of displaying things in your studio?  Let us know