Donut Pin Cushion


Time to Make the Donuts (non-edible)

This is a nifty project to make or keep for you.  I bet you can’t make just one! I teach all over the US and when I am in class I am intrigued by all of the tools and gadgets quilter’s own. My Grandmother and Mother both had several pin cushions in the house so it was easy to find needle and thread. This is a simple pattern that I have adapted from others I have seen

1.  1 square of felt I like a tan or chocolate for the resemblance of a homemade donut
2.  1 square of felt for the icing i.e. Pink, Orange, or Yellow
3.  25 to 30 small beads
4.  Neutral Thread
5.  Needles
6.  Scissors
7.  1 small package of poly stuffing

Donut:  Trace two 5 inch circles out of the tan/chocolate felt, and cut with scissors
Cut a one inch hole in the middle of the donut
Stitch around the perimeter with a small running stitch using a ¼” seam

(Leave about an inch opening)
Turn inside out and set aside

Frosting:  Trace one 5 inch circle out of the icing color chosen
With a pair of scissors cut free-style so the icing will flow over the donut
Cut a one inch hole in the middle of the icing
With needle and thread sew beads on one side of the frosting. You can let the thread travel to the next area instead of starting and stopping. (This will be the underside of the frosting) Think of it as adding sprinkles to the donut

Stitching the Donut
Using a whip stitch close the inner circle of the donut. Stuff the donut with the poly-stuffing. Use your index finger to push the stuffing in and all the way around the donut. Make sure it’s full and firm. Stitch the donut closed
Adding the Frosting
Lay the frosting on top of the donut and use an appliqué stitch to secure both the inner and outer edges of the frosting to the donut.
Enjoy your new pincushion!