Hand Made Greeting Cards

As an avid collector buttons are one of my favorites.  They’re colorful smooth and interesting shapes.  I started collecting them as a child, keeping them in my grandmother’s mason jars.  I decided a few years ago that single greeting card had gotten to expensive.  So, I decided to use my buttons to embellish plain note cards.  Be as creative as you want.  I use embroidery thread to attach the buttons to the front of the cards.  I send to friends, family, clients all of whom say

“Love the new look Pat” -Thanks

IMG_0043  IMG_0042


-One package of Blank Greeting cards that you can purchase from any nice paper or craft store locally.  We will be offering specific kits in the future to make projects for your friends or just to create a different holiday embellishment

-Your favorite colors of Embroidery Floss

-A huge collection of buttons!



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