Spinning Star


Looking for a new hand-piecing or take-along project? This one-patch design is a tessellated pattern that, when sewn by hand or machine, easily creates six pointed stars. Then use the same template again to form a floating background! Pat Yamin will be sharing her best tips and tricks for easy Spinning Star construction. Using bright fabrics for the stars will make them seem to float on the dark background.

Basic sewing supplies
Sewing machine with ¼” foot
Neutral colored thread
28 mm Rotary cutter with a new blade
Cutting mat (if you have a rotating one, bring it)
Ruler 6” x 12”
Sandpaper dots or Invisi-Grip from Omnigrid
Fabrics:  (30) or more bright scraps of 100% Cotton (at least 1/8 yards of each).
1/2 yard of assorted greens, navy or another dark fabric to make your stars pop!
Template: Spinning Star acrylic template available for $14.95

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