Finally done Part I

After months of looking through different wallpaper samples, I finally arrived at the one that will allow me to do so many creative things with my new space.  I picked a wonderful Ralph Lauren Oxford fabric in a light blue tone. Ralph Lauren  I used my usual paperhangers to complete this amazing project because the goods were so delicate.


I like the bake racks because they allow you to fold, sort, & store quilts however I choose. I also tried to incorporate more vintage items.  A red & white quilt inside a shadowbox frame.  I chose Ralph Lauren fabric wallpaper to give the room a very comfortable, creative textile-fabric feel.  I looks wonderful, except for the fact that it was so hard to order I’m so happy with the results.


I’ll be removing these curtains soon to make way for nice clean white drapes.  Recently I’ve had some vintage textile pieces framed which I’m going to show you how I hang art in my studio.   I must say, these things take time but you want to make sure it’s just perfect.