Customers Creations

In a recent Come Quilt With Me Newsletter I asked our viewers, customers & past students to submit any work they completed using one or more of our products.  I received a wonderful selection of quilts that I first want to thank all of you for submitting & secondly would love to share with our online group here at

Looooooks like our bottle template is selling well.  We have two quilts to look at using this particular template.  Some of us fussy cut some designs to fit inside the bottles others choose to quilt the bottle and give it that extra bold bottle shape.  The bottle is a great choice because you can make it as large or small as you wish.  It always looks wonderful.

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bottle002  vino3-2

The Penny’s Kite Pictured below is one of our One Patch templates.  You can stick to making a classic kite design or wandering off into a world of different prints and solids to create something whimsical or just plain inspiring.  I often speak to students about this pattern because you really have to look at the quilt from a far, the design opens up, that’s where the magic begins.

(you can click on each photo for larger views)

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Stay tuned to this Customer Creation Page as I will be updating it with new Quilts very soon.

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