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Customers Creations

In a recent Come Quilt With Me Newsletter I asked our viewers, customers & past students to submit any work they completed using one or more of our products.  I received a wonderful selection of quilts that I first want to thank all of you for submitting & secondly would love to share with our online group here at

Looooooks like our bottle template is selling well.  We have two quilts to look at using this particular template.  Some of us fussy cut some designs to fit inside the bottles others choose to quilt the bottle and give it that extra bold bottle shape.  The bottle is a great choice because you can make it as large or small as you wish.  It always looks wonderful.

Purchase the bottle HERE

bottle002  vino3-2

The Penny’s Kite Pictured below is one of our One Patch templates.  You can stick to making a classic kite design or wandering off into a world of different prints and solids to create something whimsical or just plain inspiring.  I often speak to students about this pattern because you really have to look at the quilt from a far, the design opens up, that’s where the magic begins.

(you can click on each photo for larger views)

Purchase Penny’s Kit HERE



Stay tuned to this Customer Creation Page as I will be updating it with new Quilts very soon.

If you would like to submit any quilt pictures for a 36th Anniversary gift please send them to

Back in the studio “Brooklyn”

Starting this Fall I will be bringing back classes to the very place Come Quilt With Me started.  My dinning room table.  I’ve seen so many beautiful shops close across America  this last year, with more to close unfortunately before 2016 is over.  Going back to our roots & sharing my home I hope stimulates community.  I encourage all of my local quilter friends to come out & share everything we’ve learned, experienced, created.  Maybe you’re a NEW quilter & want to join a great group once a month in a relaxed setting.  Maybe you’re an avid quilter & you’d like to clean out some fabric?  Back in the Studio will be a wonderful place to trade, barter, donate fabric you no longer know what to do with.

Come to Brooklyn – it’s sew easy by car, train or Bus.  If you have any questions please contact us here:

718 377 3652


Lunch included****


Saturday  September 24th 2016         Hand Piecing / Slow Stitching

Saturday  October      20th  2016          ? Mystery Class ?


My Herman Miller Chair has arrived

How do you feel after a  long day in the usual office chair?

-My back aches & sometimes I feel hunched over if my back isn’t supported properly.

Feeling comfortable at the end of the day I believe has a lot to do with how you spend your days “behind the desk”.  I had a small, simple wooden chair for many years that I now believe was the source of a lot of my lower back pain.  For my birthday this year my son purchased me a Herman Miller chair.  Here’s my honest opinion:

“The human form has no straight lines; it is biomorphic. We designed the chair to be, above all, biomorphic, or curvilinear, as a metaphor of human form in the visual as well as the tactile sense. There is not one straight line to be found on an Aeron chair.”

Herman Miller Company

At first glance it looked like something futuristic,  Something I definitely wasn’t going to like, perhaps even fall out of – it looked sleek & slick.  I can honestly report that after nearly 3 months into our relationship I recommended this chair to anyone who spends extended hours in front of a desk or drawing / design station.  I find that the webbing is very soothing when I sit, contouring my legs & all over my back, especially my lumbar area.


IMG_0057  IMG_0059





The Herman Miller chair supports my back in places that my wooden can’t compare to.  This particular chair contours to your back supporting lumbar & upper back areas evenly.  It even rolls super easy on carpet.  Ergonomically perfect for the quilter who needs something more comfortable & lightweight in the studio.  A fresh natural feeling chair I feel in love with.


Pat Yamin


A Studio With Art: is a Studio with a start!

Over the past few months I’ve been working on the project of “organizing my studio + workspace”  This involves moving a ton of quilts, removing old drapes & installing a system of hangers for my small art prints.

As I mentioned in a previous page the walls are a paper-backed Ralph Lauren Shirting Fabric which I didn’t want to start making large holes in for hanging picture frames.


Easy to Slide Rail system makes it a pleasure to adjust side to side & vertically

I hung this antique red & white top higher than usual because I’m able to get multiple frames on one rod safely.   You can also use two rods to support maybe a wider/heavier frame.  Using this rod & track method helps keep your walls smooth & free of holes.  You know how much we change our minds? Why have it mess up a beautiful wall?


I wanted to get rid of the old drapes.  So I did.  I took a ride over to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase really nice replacements.  While you’re picking up replacement drapes also pick up new rods.  Cleans up the look + everything looks 100% nicer/fresher.

Do you have a special way of displaying things in your studio?  Let us know


Enjoy, Pat






Quilt Samples from my collection for sale

Over the years I’ve collected a great number of inspiring quilts.  Many of the designs are timeless & can be passed on forever.  What inspires you?

For me, living in a Victorian home has inherent inspiring moments.  Even when I travel outside of Brooklyn to less populated areas, that too is very inspiring to me, the peace & quite is often a wonderful way to stimulate sensational ideas.

Here are the first few I’m selling.  All of my samples were made for me here in the USA. If you wish to contact somebody to Quilt for you, don’t hesitate to  contact me via e-mail


First of many is this wonderful Holiday Star Quilt  $35.00

More pictures upon request*





Getting ready for Ralph Lauren wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper liner before the finishing good goes up.
Putting wallpaper liner up before the finishing goods go on the wall.  In case you would like to remove the paper, installing liner paper allows you to remove the paper without destroying your walls.
Patching the wall on the left so that the surface is smooth enough to prime & install wall paper liner.
Patching the wall so that the surface is smooth enough to prime & install wall paper liner is critical to a beautiful finished product.
Paperhangers table w/the always important Blue Tape! Should be done by the end of day.
Paperhangers table w/the always important Blue Tape! Should be done by the end of day. The room already looks so much better I can’t wait to see Part 2 Stay tuned


Finally done Part I

After months of looking through different wallpaper samples, I finally arrived at the one that will allow me to do so many creative things with my new space.  I picked a wonderful Ralph Lauren Oxford fabric in a light blue tone. Ralph Lauren  I used my usual paperhangers to complete this amazing project because the goods were so delicate.


I like the bake racks because they allow you to fold, sort, & store quilts however I choose. I also tried to incorporate more vintage items.  A red & white quilt inside a shadowbox frame.  I chose Ralph Lauren fabric wallpaper to give the room a very comfortable, creative textile-fabric feel.  I looks wonderful, except for the fact that it was so hard to order I’m so happy with the results.


I’ll be removing these curtains soon to make way for nice clean white drapes.  Recently I’ve had some vintage textile pieces framed which I’m going to show you how I hang art in my studio.   I must say, these things take time but you want to make sure it’s just perfect.